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Transform your public speaking skills. Transform your career.

Is there anything you would change about the way you speak? Would you like to reduce your accent? Improve your pronunciation? Or maybe find that inner confidence to really wow your audience?
Corporate Speech Solutions offers services and products that are tailored to meet every communication need, from enhancing public speaking and presentation skills to boosting voice projection, developing accent modification skills to forming business communication skills, creating confident communication to solidifying listening skills.

The 2016 Bloomberg Job Skills Report stated that the #1 most sought after skill set across industries is communication skills.

But all too often, employees’ lack of clarity and confidence in their communication skills can undermine an otherwise successful career, stalling their upward mobility within a company or hampering their ability to secure a new job in another field.

Help your company and career flourish by exploring our services and products, designed to offer speech solutions for every communication barrier.

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Accent and Pronunciation Services

Are you trying to modify your accent so you can sound like a native speaker? Or do you just want to improve your overall clarity and confidence? Our custom techniques target the most common errors in business communication to yield fast, positive results. Our one-on-one training method has helped thousands improve their pronunciation of Standard American English. At the end of the training you can expect to speak with greater confidence and be consistently understood by listeners, because you’ll be speaking with 50-75% fewer pronunciation errors.

Listen to our results 


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Speech Improvement

Speech Improvement

Elevate your speech to the next level.

 When you are at work, do people ask you to repeat or clarify yourself? Are you speaking too quickly? Do you sometimes mumble when you speak? Whether it’s acing an interview, nailing a presentation, or facilitating interaction with clients and colleagues, speaking clearly, succinctly, and dynamically is key to getting results in the workplace.

Don’t let bad verbal habits undermine the advancement and results you’ve earned.
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 “I was looking for help in improving my speech. I have an accent, I talk really fast and I mumble a lot. I wanted to do something to help my career. I came across Corporate Speech Solutions, and it was incredible. From my first conversation over the phone to my lessons. I have never seen 10 weeks fly by so fast. By the end, I was happy with my results. It’s a lot of practicing, but it is so worth it in the end.”
CSS President Jayne Latz on slowing your rate of speech As seen on TV with Gurmeet Sodhi: “GS with GS,” March 10, 2010
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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Do you get nervous, speak too quickly, and forget what you wanted to say when asked to present in front of others? To be competitive in today’s workplace, you must be able to engage the crowd and deliver your message with power, purpose, and poise.

Our training sessions will give you instructions and guidance needed to increase your poise and professionalism in front of a crowd. When our team of specialists share their Secrets, Tools, and Techniques of the Confident Speaker, you will experience an immediate sense of excitement. You will actually look forward to your next presentation.

Work the room without breaking a sweat. Contact us today to set up a private session, a one or two-day training, or a virtual training session via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime.

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Voice Projection

Voice Projection

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your voice?

Been told it’s high-pitched, nasal, whiny, hoarse, soft, or monotone? Most people don’t realize you can change the way you sound, but after a brief evaluation, our experts can develop a set of custom exercises to address the changes you want to hear. Let us help you alter, project, and modulate your voice to command the attention of listeners.

You’re already walking the walk. Now you can talk the talk. Contact  Us Today to get started.

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Confidence Building

Confidence Building

Does your communication inspire the confidence of others?

We have designed our training to leave you increasingly able to speak with clarity and enthusiasm; set and measure your tone, pace, and volume for maximum effectiveness; and enjoy a voice that accurately reflects your talents and professional experience. Confidence building can be incorporated into any of our other training programs.

Don’t just project your voice, project confidence. Contact us today to get that extra edge

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Interview Success

Interview Success

Are you confident of your job security? Currently unemployed or between positions? Even if you are looking to make an internal move or request a promotion, it is always wise to seek professional assistance or hone that professional edge. Our proven speech training, telephone tips, and body-language strategies can help you stand out from the pack during the interview process, helping you to convey confidence and capability through your tone, pace, volume, pitch, and eye contact.

Don’t leave your dream job or job security up to chance. Take control by contacting us today to build your confidence and your interview success.

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Speaking Engagements and Workshops

Speaking Engagements and Workshops

Does your company or organization have a special event or retreat coming up? How about a professional development program? Our seminars, trainings, and workshops are designed to deliver transformational results to your team. Our presentations are customized to offer specific techniques tailored to bolster your employees’ communication skills so they can speak with clarity, conviction, and confidence. Strong communication skills will build your brand and your business.

Book a 60- or 90-minute speech or workshop to catalyze the change you want to see in your organization today. Contact Us Today!

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Communicate Up the Corporate Ladder: How to Succeed in Business With Clarity and Confidence

Do you struggle to communicate your ideas under pressure?

 Do you mumble? Speak too quickly or forget what you want to say when asked to present in front of others? IF so, you are not alone.Jayne Latz has developed this easy to read content rich guide that will help you topronounce, project and present with greater impact.

Communicate Up The Corporate Ladder will help you:
* Build spoken clarity
* Build vocal power
* Gain greater confidence
* Deliver your message with greater impact
* Build your professional image

"Jayne Latz is a truly gifted professional who shares her wisdom in a concise and easy to read book. A "must" for anyone who is struggling with communicating clearly and confidently!" - M. J. Earle

Let Communicate Up the Corporate Ladder help you develop the tools you need to communicate with clarity and achieve your professional goals. Order your copy today

Climbing up the corporate ladder
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Talking Business Workbook: When English Is Your Second Language

Are you looking to build your clarity and your confidence? Let Talking Business: When English is Your Second Language help!

Talking Business: When English is Your Second Language allows you to study and review at your own pace and on your own time with over 100 downloadable sound files as well as over 100 pages of content rich practice. Use this workbook to master English pronunciation.
Inside you will find:

● Chapter 1: Communication Skills for Better Business
● Chapter 2: Vowels ● Chapter 3: Consonants
● Chapter 4: Helpful Hints for Clear Communication

Order Your Copy!

Just $44.95 + 5.50 shipping (anywhere in the USA)

Just $24.95 to download the DIGITAL copy!

Talking Business: When English is Your Second Language
Jayne Latz holding Talking Business
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Say It Better (DVD)

The "Saying it Better" DVD offers an easy-to-navigate menu arranged by sounds and accompanied by a 75-page downloadable PDF to help you match sounds with written words and phrases.

(For example, if you have been struggling with the “F” sound, you can click on “F” in the DVD menu and practice different words and phrases that demonstrate various “F” pronunciations while watching our expert make the sound. It is as if she is in the room with you).

Take advantage of our unique approach to combining visual and audio guides to propel you along the road to mastery.

This DVD has been our most popular product. It makes learning fun!

Just $24.95 (FREE shipping and handling in USA only)

Saying it Better DVD
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Tricky Silent Letters
(Audio File)

Tricky Silent Letters (Audio File)

Do you know that the /b/ is silent in the word “thumb” and it is pronounced “thum?” What about the word plumber? Did you know that the word is pronounced “plumer” and the /b/ is silent?

If not, you are not alone.

We created this audio file for you to increase your knowledge and your confidence of 74 of common words with “tricky silent letters.”

What you will get?
· Audio file of 74 Tricky Silent Letters
· Supplement PDF with the 74 words spelled out along with their definitions. This makes it easy for you to listen and read at the same time.

By mastering these 74 words you will quickly increase your confidence when speaking socially and professionally. Order your copy today and begin the road of pronunciation improvement.

Order your copy to tackle the trickiest hurdles along the road of pronunciation improvement. This package will immediately help you reduce your most common errors, while giving you a boost in speaking confidence in both personal and professional settings.

Only $6.95!

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We’re recording! Listen in on our dynamic series of podcasts designed to give you tools, techniques and information to improve the clarity, confidence and credibility of your professional communication skills.

Browse our featured podcasts below and check in weekly for our newest dispatches.


Intro to Accent Reduction: Listen to President Jayne Latz as she describes her approach to helping people improve the clarity of their communications in English without sacrificing the cultural identities we associate with accents. 
Introduction to Vowels
Front Vowels
Low Back Vowels
High Back Vowels
Improve Pronunciation of Final Sounds
Clusters in Sentences 2
Final Clusters
Enunciation Practice
Eye Contact
Be a GoodListener
Take Your Time
ThePower of Gestures