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Now all I need to do is practice!

It was great working with Paul! I really liked the way he explained how to differentiate similar sounds and pronounce words correctly by referencing to proper tongue positions, shapes of the mouth etc. Now I can identify which sounds I tend to make mistakes, and know how to correct them.  Only thing I need is […]

Now I can speak with confidence

Alina was wonderful! She helped me with all the concerns I had about my Accent and answered all the questions I had.  She also helped me to speak with more confidence and with skills that will help in my career and social environment in the future. June 13, 201

Margo is truly passionate

Margo was always passionate to teach and I was very comfortable with learning from her. She was very good at analyzing how I pronounce and I was able to easily correct my wrong pronunciation. May, 2015

Margo is a true professional

I am so happy that Margo has helped me so much on my pronunciation.  She recommended a lot of resources for my practice.  My colleague can notice the improvements I made in such a short period.  It is impossible without Margo’s help.  She is so professional and so skilled to find my problems and work […]

Professional, punctual, friendly AND brilliant

I took 14 accent reduction classes with Alina Kaplan and I can say that it was an amazing experience. Alina was absolutely brilliant – highly professional, punctual, and very friendly.  All my friends and coworkers have noticed that my pronunciation became clearer and more understandable. And most importantly, I’ve gained my confidence.  When I talk […]

Articulate Your Way To Success

Workshop on Articulate your way to success presented by Jayne Latz on 11-01-2016. I had great time with Jayne  as every word, sentence she spoke for an hour and half ,was very informative in terms of reducing foreign accent reduction, building  vocal power, communicating with clarity and confidence ,eliminating filler words etc etc. Looking forward […]

Our newest trainer is highly recommended!

I highly recommend Suzanna Gershkovich for foreign accent reduction Suzanna noticed patterns in my pronunciation errors and provided the exact exercise to fix the problem .She worked hard, patiently and was flexible with the timings . I look forward to work with her in future again. Thank you! 11/21/16

Interview Skill Preparation

“Paul is incredibly insightful and helpful. He went over typical interview questions with me, and helped me brainstorm responses   Medical Resident

Great training and great humor; a perfect combination

Paul has a very profound knowledge and I especially appreciated his experience working with groups of different ages. He explains how things work and why we make certain errors. His professionalism allowed him to notice patterns in my pronunciation errors and provide the exact exercise to fix the problem. Paul has an incredible sense of humor […]