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Helpful Hints for Telephone Communication

It is said that up to 93% of communication is non-verbal. In day-to-day communication, this means that your facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, and overall body language play a huge role in helping your listener to understand your message. However, when speaking on the telephone, none of those visual cues are available to your or your listener, leaving nothing but your words to carry your message. This week’s blog is the first in a series that will provide tips for improving your telephone communication skills.

The most important rule for understandable telephone communication is also the simplest: speak slowly and clearly. Many people are unsure of their telephone communication skills; because of this, they feel nervous and speak rapidly, making their speech even harder to understand. During telephone conversations, make an effort to speak a little more slowly than usual, and make sure that you are pronouncing each letter of every word.

Even though your listener cannot see your face, smiling and using other appropriate facial expressions can improve your message. Using a variety of facial expressions helps improve your intonation, making your message more understandable.

Maintain good posture throughout the conversation—never conduct an important telephone call while lying down or slouching in your chair. Bad posture can decrease your breath support making your speech weaker and less intelligible. In addition, good posture helps you remain alert and helps you to concentrate on your speech.

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Check in with us again next week, when we will continue our discussion on telephone conversation with more helpful hints for communication.