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Archive of month: December 2010

The Four Parts of an Effective Voicemail

Last week we discussed the importance of leaving voicemails that are clear and concise. In today’s blog post, we’ll detail the four components to include in a successful voicemail for optimal results. A good professional voicemail consists of only four parts: an introduction, your reason for calling, how you expect the listener to respond, and […]

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays from Corporate Speech Solutions! Remember to practice your good communication techniques as you reconnect with friends and family during this holiday season.

Leaving the Perfect Voicemail

Whether making professional calls to colleagues or calling friends and family during the holiday season, chances are many of your phone calls end with leaving a voicemail. It is becoming more and more common for people to allow their voicemail to act as their personal secretary, screening their incoming calls and returning only those they […]

Confidence: The Power of Gestures

For the past three weeks we’ve discussed different tools you can use to project confidence, specifically, your voice, posture and eye contact. This week, we will conclude our series on confidence with a very important, but oft overlooked factor in achieving a confident air: how you use your arms and hands. The ways in which […]

Confidence: Look Em’ In The Eye!

This week, we continue our blog series on confidence with another crucial aspect of body language: eye contact. How you meet your speaking partner’s gaze can play a huge role in how he or she perceives you. Failing to make steady eye contact and frequently averting your eyes from the person you are speaking with […]

Confidence through Posture

In last week’s post, we discussed ways in which you can use your voice to project an air of confidence. While confident speaking can help you create the image you want to project, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Another extremely important factor in appearing strong and confident is body language. One of […]