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The Four Parts of an Effective Voicemail

Last week we discussed the importance of leaving voicemails that are clear and concise. In today’s blog post, we’ll detail the four components to include in a successful voicemail for optimal results.

A good professional voicemail consists of only four parts: an introduction, your reason for calling, how you expect the listener to respond, and your contact information.

When introducing yourself, state your name and, if you do not contact this individual often, your company (e.g. “Hi, this is Angela Harmon with J.R. Realtors.”). If it is your first time calling, it may also help to establish a personal connection by identifying the individual who put you in contact.

When stating your reason for calling and how you expect the listener to respond, be as specific as possible. Do you want the listener to call you immediately? Is it acceptable if they respond via e-mail? If your listener knows exactly what is expected of them in their response and what the conversation will consist of, they are much more likely to return your call.

Finally, when leaving your contact information, speak as slowly and clearly as possible. There are few things more irritating than having to listen and re-listen to a message because the caller spoke too quickly and you missed part of their message. In many cases, these voicemails are deleted outright. Take a deep breath before speaking, clearly enunciate each word, and speak more slowly than you normally would in a typical phone conversation. To make sure that your listener gets all of your information, repeat your name and phone number a second time as you end the message.

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