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Archive of month: January 2011

Acing the Interview: The Big Day

Whether or not an interview leads to your dream job is more than just luck; interviewing well is a skill you can learn and practice in advance to increase your chances of landing that dream job. This week, CSS continues our blog series on interview skills with tips for performing well on the day of […]

Acing the Interview: Preparation

With competition in today’s job market tougher than ever, having an extra edge as you enter an interview is increasingly important. This week, Corporate Speech Solutions continues with our blog series in helping you learn the skills to ace that interview! While each interview you go on will be different, there are similarities in the […]

Acing the Interview: How to Stand Out From the Crowd

The average American will hold between five and fifteen jobs over the course of her professional life. While these jobs may span several occupations or job descriptions, they will all hold one thing in common: the interview process. This week, Corporate Speech Solutions will begin a blog series helping you to develop the skills necessary […]

How to Craft a Polished Voicemail Greeting

In our past two blog posts, we’ve discussed how to leave a voicemail message that sounds professional and clean. This week, we discuss the other side of the coin: how to craft the perfect voicemail greeting. If you’re like most professionals, you’re often far too busy to answer your phone as it rings and allow […]