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How Can Corporate Speech Solutions Help You?

While many people know that Corporate Speech Solutions provides accent reduction services, we are often asked about the details of our program. In this week’s blog, we’ll discuss how our program works and the specifics of how we can help you communicate your very best.

Corporate Speech Solutions offers private, customized training. All of our programs are designed to achieve the goals of each particular client. Each individual’s needs are different: some require training on voice projection, some need assistance reducing their rate of speech, some need attention to the stress patterns in words, and others want to incorporate public speaking training. We can achieve all of these goals by creating the ideal program designed to fulfill the client’s wants and needs through a multi-step process.

Step One: Evaluation. We evaluate the client’s speech production of every sound in standard American English, as well as the volume, rate of speech and all aspects that may impact the way they are speaking or being heard.

Step Two: Transcription. A phonetic transcription is completed of each client’s evaluation. This is a critical step in the process as this is when we evaluate the client’s needs and design the program.

Step Three: Materials. We provide the materials for success. An outline for the weeks ahead is provided as well as a goal for each session, so that we begin each session with a clear objective. We also provide a CD-Rom, workbook and a custom made notebook. This notebook is brought to each meeting and constantly being added to session by session. Remember, these programs are custom designed and develop as the sessions proceed. By the end of the training, this is the client’s bible to have as a permanent book on their shelf.

Step Four: Weekly Training. Based on individual time and needs, each client has the choice of which program is best suited to them: an 8-week training program or a 14-week training program.

Step Five: PRACTICE. This is the most important part. We provide the tools for success but practice and hard work applying what has been learned in necessary to reach your goals.

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