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Effective Networking

Making connections in the business world is crucial to success. Whether you’re an individual working for a large corporation, a business owner, or anything in between, everyone can benefit from networking. But that doesn’t just mean meeting other people and introducing yourself. Effective, professional networking is a skill that must be worked on and developed. Take a look at the following tips to help you learn to put your best networking foot forward:

Use All Available Avenues: People sometimes restrict themselves to the type of networking they are most comfortable with. For example, technophobes will often avoid virtual networking, while more reserved individuals will shy away from large conventions. Make the effort to go outside your comfort zone and utilize as many networking avenues as possible. The type of contacts you will make in each setting are often entirely different from one another and can benefit you or your company in different ways.

Help Your Colleagues: Even though you may not benefit immediately, make the effort to introduce those within your circle to contacts that may be useful for them. The professional world can be surprisingly small, and the colleague you help to make a connection today may run into a perfect networking opportunity for you in the future.

Avoid the Sales Pitch: While you certainly want potential contacts to understand what it is you have to offer, people are most likely to connect with individuals they find pleasant. Many people lose out on excellent networking opportunities by coming across as abrasive and overly aggressive. Establish a pleasant social relationship as you network to improve the possibility of a successful professional connection.

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