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Group Accent Reduction Training at a Local Hospital

Comments from participants in training program:

Hilda Soto:  “Jayne Latz is a Christmas gift for me.  She is the angel I need to improve my English speaking and spelling. I love her and I pray for her every day.”

Emerita Abella: “Thank you very much for being patient and good sport on understanding and teaching us.  I know you do your very best to teach us. It depends on us to practice.  I appreciate you too much.  Thank you for sharing your talents.”

Julian Herrero: “It does work!  No matter how much time you put on it, you will see great results!”

Sook He:  “Thank you for teaching us.  That was a fabulous class!  I was so happy at all of classes.  Only problem is that I didn’t practice everyday.  But I loved the class!  Thank you so much!”

“Jayne is an excellent teacher!” She identified each student’s problems and worked with each student patiently to correct the problems.”

“Through the speech training, my pronunciation has improved a lot!.  Jayne is a superb speech consultant and trainer. I really appreciated her excellent training sessions.”

South Nassau Hospital, Long Island, New York