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Archive of month: June 2011

Tips for Communicating with Non-Native English Speakers: Part 2

More and more companies find themselves working with an international and multicultural population. While this provides great exposure to new ideas and wider viewpoints, it can also open the door to communication gaps as language barriers get in the way. Last week we discussed different techniques for communicating with non-native speakers of English and overcoming […]

Tips for Communicative with Non-Native English Speakers

With globalization on the rise, the workplace is becoming an increasingly multicultural environment. Chances are, nearly everyone reading this blog has at least one colleague, customer, or work-related acquaintance who is a non-native speaker of English. When communicating with non-native speakers of English, many people try to compensate in ways which are not helpful to […]

Slang and Verbal Shorthand: Avoid the Pitfall!

Almost everyone uses verbal shorthand to some extent in casual conversation: using “yup” for “yes”, “k” for “okay”, “gonna” for “going to”, “wanna” for “want to” are all common ways of speaking. However, while using slang and verbal shorthand is a common and accepted way to speak with friends and casual acquaintances, this type of […]

Exciting New Program!

Communicate with Clarity and Confidence! A new program designed to make the greatest changes in the shortest amount of time. You CAN learn the skills necessary to change the way you communicate in order to improve your business communication skills. Learn the 5 critical skills that will have the greatest impact on your speech and […]

Can You Hear Me Now?

While it’s important to have a strong speaking voice, the same volume is not uniformly appropriate for every situation. Many factors can influence the volume of speech you may use. Outside factors may play a role: the number of people you are speaking to, the size of the room you’re in, the presence of background […]

Charles M

Here is a ‘before’ and ‘after’ sampling from a recent graduate (a Portuguese speaker) of our  14-week accent reduction program. Click to listen Charles M: Before Charles M: After

Can a Corporate Speech-Language Pathologist Improve your Professional Life?

In a word: yes! While most people acknowledge the importance of communication in the workplace, what many don’t realize is that a professional speech-language pathologist can help them to improve their business communication and professional speech skills in much the same way that a coach will help you in achieving your business goals. A Corporate […]