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Can a Corporate Speech-Language Pathologist Improve your Professional Life?

In a word: yes! While most people acknowledge the importance of communication in the workplace, what many don’t realize is that a professional speech-language pathologist can help them to improve their business communication and professional speech skills in much the same way that a coach will help you in achieving your business goals. A Corporate Speech-Language Pathologist is a Master Level Speech-Language Pathologist with additional certifications and education providing them the opportunity to apply their skills and techniques to the professionals in the business world.

What can a  corporate speech-language pathologist (also known as a speech coach) do for you?

-Foreign and Regional Accent Reduction: Looking to reduce your accent? A corporate speech-language pathologist can help you to modify the way you produce certain consonants and vowels to reduce your accent and help you speak more confidently. Many wonder if they can really reduce their accent; but with proper training and practice, you can learn to speak in a clearer manner.

-Voice Projection: If people have difficulty hearing you, especially when speaking on the telephone or in a conference room, you may need help learning to use your voice properly. With the help of a corporate speech-language pathologist, you can learn to project your voice so that it comes across as clear, strong, and confident in any situation.

-Clear, Understandable Speech: Do people tell you that you mumble or speak too quickly? Make sure your colleagues and customers understand every word out of your mouth! A corporate speech-language pathologist can help you to modify your rate of speech and pronunciation to help project a more confident, professional image as you speak.

These are only a few of the ways that corporate speech-language pathologists can help improve professional communication in the workplace. Think you might benefit from our help? Visit us at www.corporatespeechsolutions.com for a consultation to see how our trained and certified corporate speech-language pathologists can help you reach your professional goals!