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Exciting New Program!

Communicate with Clarity and Confidence!

A new program designed to make the greatest changes in the shortest amount of time.

You CAN learn the skills necessary to change the way you communicate in order to improve your business communication skills. Learn the 5 critical skills that will have the greatest impact on your speech and give you the confidence you need to interview, do presentations or simply speak more effectively on the telephone.   Whether or not English is your first language or your second, you can make changes in five simple sessions.

Price: $875

At the end of the program, you will:

√    Walk away with tools and tips that can immediately be applied on a daily basis.

√     Walk away with increased confidence in daily interactions

√     Have a voice to match their talent, skill and expertise

√    Be able to speak and deliver a message with clarity and enthusiasm.

√   Learn to set and measure the correct vocal tone for maximum effectiveness.

Corporate Speech Solutions specializes in working with individuals and employees on speech training, pronunciation and voice improvement, interpersonal communication, foreign and regional accent reduction, presentation skills and other critical aspects of business communication.  Speaking clearly takes practice but is an integral part of effective business communication. To learn more contact Corporate Speech Solutions at (917) 841-2965 or visit our website at www.corporatespeechsolutions.com.  Become a fan on Facebook by going to Corporate Speech Solutions and clicking “like.”