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Archive of month: July 2011

Finding Opportunities for Speaking Practice

In this blog, we frequently discuss tips and tools for improving your speaking skills. But all of these techniques do little good unless you put them to use. One of the keys to improving your speech is taking the opportunity to practice whenever you can. Use the following situations to get in valuable practice time […]

Words You Don’t Know You’re Misusing

Over the past two blogs we’ve discussed some common errors in speech and writing that many people unknowingly make on a regular basis. This week, we’ll wrap up our error series with three vocabulary words many people insert into their speech without entirely understanding what they mean. Many people try to use larger vocabulary words […]

Written Errors You Don’t Know You’re Making

Last week we discussed some common vocabulary and grammar errors many people make in professional speech. This week, we’ll continue the series with errors in written communication that many people don’t realize they’re making. People often incorrectly interchange the following words in their writing. Use the following rules as a guide to make sure your […]

Leslie Berkoff

Jayne Latz of Corporate Speech Solutions presented “How to Communicate with Power and Purpose” at my law firm this week.  She delivered an engaging and interactive, one-hour CLE-credit course.  It is always challenging to engage a busy group of professionals for one hour but, as one of the partners commented afterward, “not one person looked […]

Speech Errors You Don’t Know You’re Making

Everyone wants to sound as professional as possible when communicating in a business setting. Working on clear, understandable speech is important, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. Often people include inaccuracies in their speech that they are completely unaware of. This week, we discuss some common errors many people make in their […]

Jayne Latz on Ustream!

 Corporate Speech Solutions President and Founder, Jayne Latz, has partnered with the Learning Annex and Ustream.com to bring you two great lectures: The Top 5 Speech Habits that Can Kill Your Interview, and Improve Your Accent, Improve Your Success. Both lectures are available at ustream.com and can be purchased for 99 cents. Just follow the links below! […]