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Jayne Latz on Ustream!

 Corporate Speech Solutions President and Founder, Jayne Latz, has partnered with the Learning Annex and Ustream.com to bring you two great lectures: The Top 5 Speech Habits that Can Kill Your Interview, and Improve Your Accent, Improve Your Success.

Both lectures are available at ustream.com and can be purchased for 99 cents. Just follow the links below!

The Top 5 Speech Habits that Can Kill Your Interview  


If you’re curious about your speech habits, find yourself repeating yourself often, or just want to fine tune your speech, this class is for you. President of Corporate Speech Solutions, Jayne Latz is here to help! Learn the top five mistakes to avoid, including: mumbling, filler words (um, uh, yeah, like, you know,….), tone, and more!”

Improve Your Accent, Improve Your Success http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/15384353

Are you tired of people asking you to repeat because they don’t understand you? Your friends say, “Just do this!” and they expect you to make the sound! Would you like to learn once and for all what to do with your lips, tongue and mouth to make the sounds of proper English? Let Jayne Latz help you create better speech for success in your life.