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Finding Opportunities for Speaking Practice

In this blog, we frequently discuss tips and tools for improving your speaking skills. But all of these techniques do little good unless you put them to use. One of the keys to improving your speech is taking the opportunity to practice whenever you can. Use the following situations to get in valuable practice time and improve your speaking skills:

-In your non-professional life: Whether it is at your church, synagogue, or mosque, your children’s school, or a social club, there are often opportunities in your personal life to speak in front of others. Volunteer for positions and events that involve speaking or presenting to a group to practice your communication skills in a low-stress, non-professional situation.

 -In social situations: Even casual social gatherings can provide valuable opportunities to practice your speaking skills. Use the tools and tips you’ve learned, even in informal speaking situations, for example, telling a story to a group of friends at a party. The more you focus on these techniques, the more naturally they

-At work: Even if your job doesn’t involve speaking in front of others, opportunities can often be found with a little digging. Volunteer to speak at meetings or to give informal internal presentations. If you have the chance, attend networking events where you’ll have the opportunity to speak to potential clients and customers.

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