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Archive of month: August 2011

Common Speech Issues: Young Adults

In this blog we spend much of our time discussing corporate and business-based communication issues. This week, we’ll take a look at a slightly different topic: speech and communication issues and challenges of teenagers and young adults. The road from childhood to adulthood is notoriously bumpy. One common obstacle along the way is

Why a Corporate Speech-Language Pathologist?

Last week we discussed how you can boost your business through improved communication skills. But who do you turn to in order to achieve this goal? There is certainly no shortage of individuals out there offering to transform the speech and communication skills of your employees. Everyone from actors and professional singers to self-titled “corporate […]

How Can Better Communication Skills Boost Your Business?

Most everyone considers strong communication skills an important part of professional performance. Being able to communicate well can increase customer relations, relationships within the company, as well as overall job performance. On the other hand, poor communication skills project an unprofessional image and a lack of confidence. Your employees are a reflection of your corporation […]

Silver accent reduction training testimonial

Video Testimonial from Gotzone, a client from Spain that participated in our Silver accent reduction training program during her two week visit to New York City, August 2011.

Jayne Latz to Speak at Asian Networking Event

Don’t miss your chance to see Corporate Speech Solutions founder and president Jayne Latz speak in person! On Wednesday, September 14, Jayne will speak at the Japanese American Association of New York and provide great tips on how to communicate with clarity and confidence! Check out the details below to become a part of this exciting […]

Deadly Mistakes that can Kill a Job Interview: Part 2

Last week, CSS discussed some common speech habits and errors that candidates often make during a job interview that can cost them their dream job. Today, we conclude our series with more deadly mistakes that can kill a job interview:

Deadly Mistakes that Can Kill a Job Interview

When preparing for a job interview, people are often so focused on what they’re going to say, that they pay little attention to how they say it. This is especially true for recent college graduates, who are not yet used to speaking in a professional manner on a regular basis. In this blog, we’ll take […]