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Deadly Mistakes that Can Kill a Job Interview

When preparing for a job interview, people are often so focused on what they’re going to say, that they pay little attention to how they say it. This is especially true for recent college graduates, who are not yet used to speaking in a professional manner on a regular basis. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the deadly mistakes that can kill a job interview:

Tone Issues: A common speech issue is raising the tone of one’s voice at the end of a sentence so that a statement sounds like a question. This habit is fairly common and acceptable in casual conversation between friends. However, in a professional situation, it can make you sound unsure of yourself and conveys an unprofessional message


Mumbling: Make sure that your speech is crisp and clear. Mumbling can make you sound lazy and overly relaxed. While you want to remain natural, make sure that you are pronouncing all of the letters and sounds of each word.


Avoid Filler Words: Using words like “um” and “like” will detract from your message and make you sound sloppy. Take a moment and pause if you need it, but don’t add in unnecessary words to fill the silence.


Stay tuned: next week we’ll bring you part two of this series with more deadly speech errors that can cost you your dream job.


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