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Deadly Mistakes that can Kill a Job Interview: Part 2

Last week, CSS discussed some common speech habits and errors that candidates often make during a job interview that can cost them their dream job. Today, we conclude our series with more deadly mistakes that can kill a job interview:


Project your voice! Often people speak too quietly and hesitantly in the presence of authority figures. While you may think this sounds polite and deferent, it actually can make you appear unsure of yourself and shy. Project your voice with a strong clear tone to appear more professional and confident.


Steer Clear of Slang: The language you use in a casual conversation is not the same language you should use in a professional situation. This can be particularly tricky for young job candidates new to the interview process. Many phrases and words which seem natural to you may be completely inappropriate to the workplace. Take some time to assess your language and figure out with slang phrases you use most often. Then, challenge yourself to go a full day without using them. You can even enlist a friend or two to help and point out each time you accidentally use the phrase.


Don’t Rush: Often people rush their speech when nervous (and who isn’t nervous during a job interview?). Slow down to appear more competent and thoughtful. Take a pause in your speech every now and then to take a breath and allow your interviewer to absorb your message.


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