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Why a Corporate Speech-Language Pathologist?

Last week we discussed how you can boost your business through improved communication skills. But who do you turn to in order to achieve this goal? There is certainly no shortage of individuals out there offering to transform the speech and communication skills of your employees. Everyone from actors and professional singers to self-titled “corporate coaches” claim to be able to improve speech and communication within your company. However, there is one professional that stands out as best equipped to help improve speech and communication: the corporate speech-language pathologist.

Speech-language pathologists are specifically trained to know how the mechanisms of human speech, voice, and communication work. Within the United States, speech-language pathologist is a licensed and protected title, requiring a Masters-level education as well as a test of clinical competency. A corporate speech-language pathologist stands in the best position to help improve your company’s communication level, since they are professionally trained in all aspects of communication. In addition to being educated in the science of human speech and communication, many corporate speech-language pathologists possess an advanced certification in dialect training as well.

Whether you are a corporation looking to improve communication within your company, or an individual looking to boost their professional speaking skill, find the right person for the job. Contact Corporate Speech Solutions today to discover how our team of professional speech coaches and corporate speech-language pathologists can help you do business better! Visit us at www.corporatespeechsolutions.com and see what we can do for you!