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Tailoring Your Communication: Personalities in the Workplace

You may consider yourself an excellent communicator: you speak clearly and at an understandable rate, you use professional language, and you use body language that communicates confidence and professionalism. However, there may be one aspect of your communication you haven’t considered: how to communicate with different personality types.

Anyone who’s worked in an office knows how vastly personalities can differ. What people fail to consider is that the same communication strategies may not work with these different personalities. Although everyone has their own unique personality quirks, there are certain personality types you will see in almost every office. Take a look around at your coworkers and employees, and I’m sure you will recognize at least some of these traits. In today’s blog, we present two personality types:

-“All Business, All the Time”: This individual has eyes only for their work and tends to avoid socialization in the office. Results-driven and to the point, this type of person can come across as abrupt or even a bit aggressive. When dealing with this type of person, avoid small-talk, and politely get straight to the matter at hand. They’ll respect your business-minded approach and effective communication.

-“The Creative Genius”: The Creative Genius thrives on innovation, and tends to avoid structure and rigidity. This employee is valuable for their flexibility, creativity, and tendency to think outside of the box. However, they may be so preoccupied with the creative side of a project that the logistics of bringing it to fruition may be lacking. When communicating with the Creative Genius, be sure to acknowledge their creative contributions and show that you value their unique way of thinking. Language may be slightly less formal than you would use with other personality types. Since structure and organization may be lacking with this individual, reminders or instructions may be necessary.

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