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Tailoring your Communication: Personalities in the Workplace, Part 2

Last week, we discussed a couple of the personality types you may encounter in the workplace and how you can tailor your communication style to best suit each. In today’s blog, we’ll present a few more classic personality types you’re likely to run into around the office.

-“The Social Butterfly”: This individual is a genuine people person, and lives to please others. Although they possess excellent people skills, the Social Butterfly tends to avoid conflict to an extreme. As a result, they can come across as passive-aggressive. In addition, since they are so eager to please, they may take criticism very personally. Keep this in mind, and try to keep negative comments somewhat “sugar-coated”, sandwiching them between positive observations. Don’t be afraid to pepper your conversation with small-talk and give it a slightly personal feel; the Social Butterfly thrives on personal connection. Just be wary of veering too far away from the business at hand.

-“The Coach”: This individual has a tendency to control the behavior of others. Although it may come from a good place, the coach can come across as bossy, often offering unsolicited advice. As they tend to consider themselves a leader, validate their efforts by observing positive aspects of their work. When communicating with a Coach, remain strong in your position as they may try to influence you to their own professional opinions or preferences.

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