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Want to Improve Communication in Your Company? Call in the Experts!

If you have employees within your company who need help improving their speech and communication skills, a corporate speech-language pathologist can help them to hone their skills and better represent your business. In addition to one-on-one corporate speech and communication coaching, Corporate Speech Solutions also offers large group presentations to improve communication skills. If you’re looking to improve communication skills in your company as a whole, booking a corporate speech coach to address a large group may be your best solution.

Corporate Speech Solutions is now booking speaking engagements for 2012! Some of our most popular presentations include:

Speak for Success: How to communicate with power and purpose
Speak for Success: How to communicate effectively in the workplace
Speak for Success: How to communicate with clarity and confidence

Speak for Success:  Solid tips for the non-native English speaker


Presentations can also be custom-created to suit the specific needs of your company or group. Just contact us and let us know what communication needs you’d like addressed in your company, and we’ll create a program specifically tailored to you.

If you think your company or association may benefit from one of our presentations, contact Corporate Speech Solutions today and discover how we can help you communicate to your fullest!

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  • Lisa Persad
    Good Day, My name is Lisa Persad and I have a speech problem. This problem is holding me back. I am oftened overwhelmed in interviews, I shake and fumble over my words in presentations and I lack the confidence to pursue a career in nursing education due to my justified fear of public speaking. The problem is not just limited to phonetics but also I have a difficult time analyzing and summarizing my ideas. I can write it but I can never say it. I often stumble over interview questions, only later in the car to come up with A+ responses. Basically, I know what I am doing but I am unable to relay it in a logical, concise manner. Please help...

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