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Let’s Do Lunch

The business lunch is an event that every professional will most likely encounter at some point in their career. While the concept may seem simple—discussing business matters while having a bite to eat—there are myriad details that need to be considered to orchestrate a successful business meal. Having lunch with a client or colleague certainly requires more planning and protocol than your average social meal. Today we’ll present some tips to help your business lunches become the valuable communication tools they can be:

Location, location, location: Make sure to choose a location where you can actually talk business. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to discuss an important business matter in a noisy chaotic restaurant where you can barely hear one another. Choose a reasonably quiet restaurant. To be safe, use a place where you have been before, so there won’t be any surprises.

You Catch More Flies with Honey…: Be sure to treat the wait staff with respect. Even if you are impeccably polite in dealing with your client, acting rudely toward employees will make you come across as rude and ill-mannered. Don’t snap at a server, no matter how bad the service might be, and don’t forget your “pleases” and “thank yous”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Attention Please: Nowadays everyone is constantly wired. One of the most impressive things you can do during a business lunch is disconnect from the rest of the world and give your lunch partner your full attention. Keep your phone silenced, and if possible, don’t check it at all. Breaking out your Blackberry or iPhone to see what’s in your inbox gives the impression you’re not fully present, even if you’re just sneaking a quick glance. If you really must check on something, excuse yourself, and go to the bathroom.

Stay tuned! Next week we’ll be back with more excellent tips for running a smooth, effective business lunch.

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