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Let’s Do Lunch: Part 2

Having a business lunch may seem like a deceptively simple affair, but there are steps you can take to keep the meal on track and make it the priceless relationship-building event it can be. Take a look at part two of our business lunch tips!

Actually Listen: Too many people view the business lunch as an opportunity in which you have a captive listener who is compelled to listen to your sales pitch for the duration of a meal. Instead of simply bombarding your lunch partner with your own ideas, take the time to listen to what they’re saying. You’ll be viewed as a better conversational partner, and you’ll most likely learn valuable information about the person and their business.

Be Social…but not too Social: While it may be tempting to immediately get down to business, light small talk is typically expected at the beginning of the meal. However, don’t get so wrapped up in chit chat that the real reason for the meal is obscured. You should get down to business within a reasonable timeframe. A good time to make this segue is after ordering while waiting for your meal to arrive; because there is a transition in activity, a transition in topic feels natural as well. Also, be sure to remember the details from your casual conversation—these make a great entrée to conversation the next time you run into this person and want to strike up a conversation.

Follow up: In order to make a good impression that lasts, send a thank-you note. Let your dining companion know that you enjoyed your meal together, and thank them for the opportunity to meet and discuss business.

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