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Step into Their Shoes

When communicating in the professional world, one of the most important keys to successful interaction is understanding the other person’s point of view. Whether you are speaking with a client, colleague, or your boss, better understanding where your communication partner is coming from will help you to create strong, successful communication. 

One of the most essential skills to better understanding another person’s perspective is understanding what they want. Try to consider what it is that best serves the other person’s needs and then frame your conversation and interaction based on that. If a person feels that the topic at hand is aimed at their best interest, they will be much more receptive. 

However, in order to truly be empathetic to another’s point of view, you need to not only understand what it is they want, but why it is important and valid. This higher level of more sincere understanding helps to foster not only strong communicative interactions, but also to develop stronger business relationships as a whole by establishing trust and promoting collaboration. To this end, ask your communication partner questions and truly listen to the answers. Before an important conversation, it may also help to do some research into the background of the other person’s company or situation, especially if they are unfamiliar or recent acquaintances. 

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