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A Don’t-Miss Presentation by Jayne Latz!

Speak up! For Success: Solid Communication tips for the non-native English speaker

Are you frequently asked to repeat what you just said?  If so, join us on December 6 for this ninety-minute workshop where you will walk away with skills, which will immediately impact your business performance!

Jayne Latz, President of Corporate Speech Solutions with over 20 years of speech development training, will be presenting this ninety minute workshop designed to give you solid tips that you have never learned before!  You will gain critical insight into your business communication skills and thereby learn the tools necessary to enhance your personal or professional relationships.

At the end of this workshop, trainees will:

  • Learn to decrease your rate of speech so that your spoken message is easier to understand.
  • Learn the importance of finishing the ends of your words in order to clearly communicate the message.  Swallowing the ends of the words leaves the listener uncertain and guessing as to what was said.
  • Learn techniques to correctly produce sounds associated with Standard American English.  Incorrect sound productions can cause many costly communication errors.
  • Learn basic grammatical rules including correct use of the articles a, an and the as well as the correct production of  /–ed/ used in past tense.
  • Learn important telephone tips to positively impact your  conversations.

Where:  1,3,5 West 29th Street (just off Fifth Avenue) at Marble Church

When:   December 6, 2011 6:30-8PM

Fee:      $45/person ;  $60 for walk-ins  (materials to be sent via email on December 5, 2011 to those pre-registered) If you prefer to write a check please make it payable to: Corporate Speech Solutions, LLC

and mail it to 150 East 61st Street, Suite 4B, New York, NY 10065. Check must be received by December 5th.