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Archive of month: December 2011

Coming Soon from Corporate Speech Solutions

Our goal at Corporate Speech Solutions is to provide people with the materials and training they need in order to communicate clearly, effectively, and professionally in a business environment. Over the years, our team of professional speech-language pathologists and speech coaches have put out several exciting products, including our booklet and CD on Tricky Silent […]

Introduce Yourself Right: The Cover Letter

Last week, we wrapped up our three-part series on crafting and sending the perfect resume. Today we’ll tackle that other ever-so-important part of the pre-application process: the cover letter. The cover letter is especially important since it’s the very first impression your future employer will see. Use the tips below to craft a cover letter […]

A Resume that Speaks for Itself: Send It the Right Way

Over the past two weeks we’ve discussed how to craft a great resume, from a clean style and format to eye-catching content. This week we’ll talk about one a common issue: how to send your resume.  In the past, sending a resume was easy. You printed out your cover letter and resume, put them in […]

A Resume That Speaks for Itself: Content

Last week we started addressing the first, and one of the most important, steps in the hiring process: the resume. Our first blog focused on resume style and format—how to create a clean resume with a professional appearance. Now that you know how to craft a resume that people will want to read, the next […]

A Resume that Speaks for Itself

In the past, we’ve discussed the interview process at length: how to present yourself well, speak with confidence, and project the most professional, capable image possible. However, all of these skills are moot unless you can land the interview in the first place. Which is why this week, we will discuss the ever-so-important pre-interview step: […]