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Introduce Yourself Right: The Cover Letter

Last week, we wrapped up our three-part series on crafting and sending the perfect resume. Today we’ll tackle that other ever-so-important part of the pre-application process: the cover letter.

The cover letter is especially important since it’s the very first impression your future employer will see. Use the tips below to craft a cover letter that will grab their attention and help you land that job.

Don’t Generalize: You should never send the same cover letter and resume to every job you apply for, and the cover letter is a great place to show that you have taken the time to craft your application with this specific position and company in mind. Tailor your resume to the specific requirements and ideals of the job you’re applying for. Highlight the aspects of your job history that best display the characteristics that make you a great candidate for this job.

Avoid Redundancy: Often people make the mistake of restating all the information already given in their resume in their cover letter. Don’t just lay out your job history blow-by-blow in your cover letter. Use this opportunity to highlight specific aspects of your history in a more detailed, story-like manner.

Writing Matters: Writing skills are valued in almost every job. Your cover letter is a chance to show your employer how well you can write. Read the letter over for quality and flow. If possible, have a friend or colleague read it over as well and give feedback before you send it.

Proofread: As with your resume, it’s essential that your cover letter have flawless grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Errors in your writing give the impression that you are careless and inattentive to detail—certainly not ideal qualities in a job candidate.

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