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Coming Soon from Corporate Speech Solutions

Our goal at Corporate Speech Solutions is to provide people with the materials and training they need in order to communicate clearly, effectively, and professionally in a business environment. Over the years, our team of professional speech-language pathologists and speech coaches have put out several exciting products, including our booklet and CD on Tricky Silent Letters (http://bit.ly/t7RGcT) and our Saying it Better DVD (http://bit.ly/rX9qKJ). Now, we’re proud to announce the launch of our latest project: Talking Business: When English is your Second Language. This workbook features over a hundred pages of specific instruction on pronunciation of the sounds of Standard American English as well as tips for professional communication in the workplace. We’ve also included over a hundred digital sound files, so that you can listen to a native speaker of Standard American English pronounce all of the sounds in context, and fine-tune your speechto match.

This exciting new product will become available in January of 2012. For more information or to reserve a copy, contact us at info@corporatespeechsolutions.com! Don’t miss this chance to turn your speech and communication into your most powerful business tool!