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Post-college student for Speaking Up for Success

Hope all is well. You really created a monster !

Jennifer has had several phone interviews over the past few months and to her great happiness, she landed a spot with Fox News for this summer. Not only that, but she is doing a program in DC this semester where she has to interview people for journalism pieces.  She has to call for appointments, meet with people, etc.

She has a current internship at Voice of America two days per week but because it is boring (not enough to do), she found a 2nd internship doing research for a professor at American.  She has to talk to A LOT of people and is doing a ton of things on her own.

You were the perfect match for her and even though it was painful while she was learning, it has made a huge difference.  When she is feeling like an interview didn’t go well, I remind her that a year ago, she was much more stressed and worried about talking to employers, professors, etc.  She stayed very aware of the things she practiced with you and it felt more natural over time.  She actually got a few internship offers and her confidence has soared in all areas.

It’s a miracle!!