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New Yawk Tawk

Many people consider their accent a part of their identity, an indicator of where they come from and who they are. However, in some cases, a regional accent may be so strong that it impacts communication or how influences the way that others see you. As a NYC-based company, we receive numerous requests for working on the infamous “New Yawk” accent. What exactly is it about the New York accent that makes it unique?

  • Dropped “r” sounds, especially at the end of words (e.g. “better” becomes “betta”) or before a consonant (e.g. “card” becomes “cahd”).
  • “R” sounds appearing in words that have no “r”, often after a vowel at the end of a word (e.g. “idea” becomes “idear”).
  • “Th” sounds changed to “d” sounds, for example “this” and “that” become “dis” and “dat”
  • The short “a” sound changed to a diphthong that sounds more like “ee-ah”. For example, “cab” may sound closer to “keeyab”
  • The “aw” sound is drawn out and more rounded than in standard American English. So “coffee” may be pronounced as “cawwfee”.
  • Rapid rate of speech and lack of space between words, as in the infamous “Fuggedaboutit” (Forget about it) or “djeet?” (Did you eat?)
  • Hypernasaity (i.e. “Talking through your nose”)

Although the New York accent can be a charming and distinct feature of one’s speech, many people seek to change it. Next week, we’ll discuss some of the reasons people try to reduce their New York accent, and how a speech-language pathologist or speech therapist can help you do it.

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