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Fostering Communication in the Workplace: The Communication Audit

In last week’s blog we discussed the importance of creating a workplace with strong communication skills and encouraging employees and coworkers to communicate in an open professional manner.

Integrate All Levels of Employees: Keeping different levels of employee separate fosters a sense of separation and isolation. When those at lower levels within a company have the opportunity to interact with and become familiar with those at higher levels, they are more likely to identify with the company as a whole and communicate more openly with their colleagues. Find opportunities for employers and supervisors to communicate with employees, be it by casually walking the floor on occasion, company social and recreational activities, or organized group meetings where employees meet with superiors and are encouraged to raise ideas and concerns.

Troubleshoot: No two companies are the same. Each company culture has its own personal strengths and weaknesses. Take a close look at the communication patterns in your company, and try to identify potential obstacles to clear open communication. Issues such as cultural differences, physical separation, differing personal communication styles, and inefficient use of technology and other communicative means are just some of the common communication barriers found in the workplace. Take the time to really examine where your company’s communication stands, and then brainstorm strategies to repair weak points.

Too often people overlook communication for “efficiency” or “productivity”, not realizing how closely intertwined the concepts are. Strong communication can transform a company from a cluster of individuals, to a unified professional powerhouse. Don’t take your company’s communication skills for granted. Take the time to openly assess and improve the communication level of your company—it’s worth the effort.

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