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Presentation Skills

Public speaking has been deemed the number one fear in the United States. Unfortunately for those who have this fear, most jobs require speaking in front of groups at least occasionally, often through presentations. Instead of living in fear, why not learn to strengthen your presentation skills and turn an object of fear into a valuable opportunity to show off your professional assets?


Corporate speech-language pathologists specialize in bolstering professional communication abilities, including the specific aspects of communication that affect presentation skills. A corporate speech coach will help you to mold your presentation style to be as engaging as possible, so as to hold your audience’s attention throughout your presentation. A corporate speech-language pathologist will also work with an individual’s speaking style, tailoring volume, clarity, and rate of speech to create the most effective speaking voice possible in presenting.


There are also a myriad of non-verbal communication skills that contribute to effective public speaking. Learning to utilize group eye contact, natural gestures, and strong posture and body language can make a huge difference in the way that a presentation is received and the image that the presenter projects. A corporate speech-language pathologist can help you to develop each of these skills to project confidence and professionalism during presentations.


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