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Last week we introduced the topic of how corporate speech-language pathologists can help to improve skills, such as organization, which indirectly affect communication. This week we focus on difficulties with memory: how they can affect your work and communication, and what a speech-language pathologist can do to help.

Although we often don’t realize it, we utilize memory in nearly every aspect of our lives. In the professional arena alone, a strong memory is needed almost constantly, from remembering names and personal details of colleagues and clients to recalling desired talking points for a meeting or presentation. Memory is also important in communication; without effectively retaining information, it becomes nearly impossible to organize and relate that information to others in a cohesive manner.

Speech-language pathologists are trained to help remediate a range of cognitive communication deficits, including difficulties with memory. Whether your memory suffers because of a specific injury or disorder, or you simply feel that your memory isn’t as sharp as it could be, you could likely benefit from the services of a corporate speech-language pathologist. One main tactic that speech therapists use to target memory improvement is the development of compensatory strategies. Compensatory memory strategies fall into two broad categories: internal and external. Internal compensatory strategies are ways of thinking or structuring information so that it is more easily stored and retrieved (e.g. visualization or association). External strategies involve using outside resources to assist in recalling specific information. Stay tuned: next week we’ll discuss each type of strategy in detail.

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