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What’s Your Best Communication Choice?

Last week we discussed the myriad of ways in which we can choose to communicate with others in the workplace. Whether it’s e-mail, texting, social media, a phone call, or a face-to-face visit, choosing the most appropriate method for connecting with someone requires some thought and attention. Today, we talk about some additional factors to consider when deciding how to contact a colleague or client:

How Quickly Do I Need a Response?: The type of communication you choose may be based in part on how urgent the issue is and how soon you need a response from the other party. Many people unfortunately allow e-mail to languish in their inbox for weeks before writing a reply. Texting on the other hand, requires less time and effort, and therefore may elicit a more prompt answer. An in-person visit is often the best way to go if the person is in the same building and you need an immediate reply. Phone calls are also a good way of getting immediate feedback, unless you leave a voicemail—like e-mail, returning voicemails often gets neglected within a hectic workday. Rather than leaving a voicemail, it is often more productive to simply hang-up, and try back at a later time.

How Much Time Do They Need to Formulate a Response?: Does the other person’s response require thought and planning? Is the topic at hand have potential for being uncomfortable, for example, asking for a favor? If so, rather than choosing a form of communication that puts the individual on the spot—for instance, a phone call or in-person conversation—you may be better off sending an e-mail so that the person has time to put into crafting their reply. However

Check in next week as we wrap up our conversation on how to choose the right method of communication for any business situation.

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