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Negotiating a Raise: Part 2

Approaching your boss to ask for a raise can be a tricky situation, but it’s often a necessary part of growing with a company and ensuring that you are paid what you’re worth. Today, we continue our series on negotiating a higher salary with strategies to turn this potentially uncomfortable situation into an opportunity for professional growth.

Why should you get a raise?: In justifying a higher salary, one rule of thumb is to focus only on your worth, never your need. Don’t sit there and entertain your boss with tales of financial woe. Little Bobby’s new braces or your ever increasing rent are not your boss’s problem. Remember, you are not paid based on your financial situation, but your value to the company. Focus on what it is that you do in the company, and why you do it exceptionally well. Have a mental list of your boss’s expectations of your role in the company at the ready, so that you can demonstrate that you’ve not only met, but exceeded them. The best way to do this is to give evidence. Come to the conversation prepared with numbers and specific examples that objectively demonstrate your high performance. A statement like, “Under my management, sales have risen over 15% per quarter for the past two years,” is much harder to refute than, “I am an excellent manager.”

Communicate with clarity and confidence: It’s not only important to consider what you want to say, but how to say it. Maintaining an air of confidence can be more convincing than your actual argument. As you make your case, speak at an even, relaxed pace—rushing your words will not only make it difficult for you to be understood, but you will come across as nervous and unsure of yourself. Likewise, make sure that you monitor your volume. A strong volume will provide an air of confidence and professionalism, but speaking too loudly will come across as aggressive. Finally, make sure that you are speaking as clearly as possible. Articulate each and every sound, and don’t run your words together. This will allow you to appear more educated and competent, and will also ensure that your boss understands every word you are saying.

Stay tuned: Next week we’ll continue our series on negotiating a raise with more tips for getting the salary you deserve.

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