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Negotiating a Raise: Part 3

Have you ever felt that your paycheck doesn’t quite measure up to your professional contribution and skill? It may be time to ask for a raise! Today we continue our series on how to negotiate a salary increase while communicating with clarity and confidence:

Be Willing to Do Your Part: When discussing a salary increase, keep in mind that you aren’t simply asking for more money—you should be asking for a chance to grow with the company. Requesting a raise implies that you foresee a future with this company, and should be accompanied by a willingness to take on different duties or a higher level of responsibility.

Avoid Comparisons: Never compare yourself to another employee when discussing a raise. Any hint of, “But so-and-so has only been with the company X number of years…” or “My productivity is twice that of so-and-so…” reeks of childish squabbling and entitlement. Rather than comparing or speaking disparagingly about a coworker, focus on what you have done to merit a salary increase.

Use Collaborative Language: Using “we” rather than “I” helps keep the tone positive and collaborative rather than demanding. Phrases like, “Help me understand…” or “What could we do…” can also be great for setting a cooperative tone.

Think Ahead: If you’re turned down, don’t simply end the conversation. Otherwise, asking for a raise in the future may be awkward and uncomfortable since you’ve already been turned down. Rather, set yourself up for a future conversation that’s more likely to have a positive outcome. Ask your boss what you can do specifically to earn a raise in the coming year. Discuss goals and possible additional responsibilities. Also, be sure to set a benchmark for when you can expect to revisit the conversation, so that you know you and your boss are on the same page.

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