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Professional Communication Coaching: Achieving Success in the Workplace

Jayne Latz, Corporate Speech Solutions, Professional Communication Coaching: Achieving Success in the Workplace The ability to communicate effectively is vital to achieving success in the workplace. While communication may seem simple on the surface, there are endless intricacies that can make or break a professional interaction. To help navigate the complexities of professional communication, many people seek the help of a corporate speech-language pathologist or professional communication coach. A professional communication coach provides training in a range of skills to help you develop the clear, confident communication you need to succeed in the workplace. Today, we take a look at two major areas that a corporate speech-language pathologist may target in communication training:

Speech Improvement: It doesn’t matter how savvy you are in your line of work if you aren’t able to communicate your ideas in a clear, effective manner. A corporate speech-language pathologist can help you to maximize the clarity of your speech by addressing issues of enunciation, rate and volume. The speech coach may also help raise awareness of poor speech habits, such as the use of filler words, and devise techniques for improvement. With clear, confident speech, you can convey your message effectively while creating an image of professionalism and poise.

Business Communication Skills: The professional business environment creates specific challenges in communication in that one must learn to tailor their communication style to different situations. For example, networking, negotiating, running a meeting, or making a sale each require a very different communication skill set. A communication coach can help you to develop the distinct communication skills to excel in any professional situation and achieve your full potential.

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