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Accent Reduction and Modification

As globalization continues to increase at a breakneck speed, we are becoming an increasingly multicultural nation. As more and more people travel and relocate for work, you probably have noticed an increase in the number and variety of accents you hear on a day-to-day basis. While many people consider their accent an integral part of their identity and a positive aspect of their communication style, many people seek to reduce or modify their accent.

In the United States, the goal of accent reduction is typically Standard American English, the American “accentless accent”. Standard American English is a type of English speech that sounds identifiably American, but has no particular regional accent. This is the type of speech you might hear when listening to your average American newscaster or journalist.

Although an accent can be a charming, personal touch to an individual’s speech, particularly strong accents may negatively impact communication. If you find that you are often asked to repeat what you’ve said or that others misunderstand your speech, your accent may be getting in the way of your message.

If you feel your accent is interfering with your professional or personal goals in any way, a speech-language pathologist can help. In the first session, the speech-therapist or professional speech trainer will evaluate your accent and verbal communication and determine which sounds are impacting your speech the most. Then, the speech-pathologist will work with you to develop an individualized program, gradually replacing the accented sounds with the targets. The speech-therapist or trainer will also work on stress, rhythm and intonation to help shape your speech as close to Standard American English as possible. With time and professional training, many people can nearly eliminate their accent altogether.

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