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Crafting the Perfect “Elevator Pitch”

Jayne Latz, Crafting the Perfect Elevator PitchThe goal of networking is to establish connections and inform other professionals and potential clients about who you are why you stand out from others in your field. Unfortunately, much networking happens under narrow time constraints, strictly limiting the amount of time you have to introduce yourself and your services. For this reason, every professional should have an “elevator pitch”: a 30-second to one-minute introduction to what you and your business have to offer. In order to help you craft an elevator pitch that is effective and engaging, Corporate Speech Solutions has developed the A.I.D.E.™ formula:

Attention: Begin your elevator pitch with a question, quote or anecdote that applies to your line of work to grab your audience’s attention and engage your listeners. For example, as a speech professional, I may say: “How many of you have ever received a voicemail message that you needed to replay once, twice, maybe three times just to get the person’s name that called?”

Introduction: Next, introduce yourself and your company. Make sure to speak particularly clearly and slowly during your introduction, pausing between your first and last name as well as your company name to ensure your audience fully understands this information.

Description: Briefly describe what you do or what you would like to share with your audience. To craft a strong description, consider the following questions: What makes you different? How do you stand out? What benefit do you bring to the audience?

Ending: Bring your pitch to a close by inviting the audience to approach or contact you for more information, and restate your name and company.

While the A.I.D.E.™ formula is a great start for crafting an effective elevator pitch, enlisting the services of a professional speech trainer can help you take your networking skills to the next level. If you want to make your elevator pitch stand out from the crowd and maximize your ability to make and keep professional contacts, give us a call!

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Jayne Latz; President and CEO of Corporate Speech Solutions

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