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The Secret to a Powerful Voice? Just Breathe!

Powerful Speaking If you’ve ever been to a presentation, you know there are often two types of speakers. On one hand you have the speaker who is overly soft spoken, and as a result, quickly becomes dull, monotonous, and difficult to understand. On the other end of the spectrum, you have speakers who can rally everyone to attention and engage the audience with the power and vibrancy of their voice. Of course, we all strive to be the latter. But how do you achieve this type of dynamic, engaging speaking voice? The Powerful Speakingfirst step is proper breathing!

 Your breath is the power behind your voice. If you aren’t breathing properly, your voice will come across as thin and weak. Often people try to compensate for poor breathing techniques by using muscular tension to increase volume. Over time, this will cause your vocal quality to suffer, and may cause physical damage to your vocal chords. In addition to preventing damage, proper breathing will improve your volume, pacing, and aid in relaxation as it provides you with more oxygen. So how exactly does one go about “breathing properly”?

First, take a deep breath and concentrate on your body’s behavior. Does your chest rise as you breathe in? If so, you aren’t breathing as efficiently as you should. As you inhale, your lungs should expand downward; when this happens, you should feel your lower-ribcage and stomach expand outward. This expansion is what allows you to take a deep full breath and allows you to speak without tension in your throat. If you have trouble mastering this technique, lay on your back with your hand on your stomach and take a deep, relaxing breath as though you were about to go to sleep. When in this position, our body naturally reverts to proper breathing. After you’ve gotten used to how this type of breathing feels, stand up and take a few deep breaths, maintaining the technique. Then, practice speaking aloud with this type of deep breathing.

Have you ever had trouble speaking in front of a group? What techniques have you used to empower your voice when giving a presentation? Share your experience in the comments section!

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