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Accent Reduction Made Easy: Free Event!

As the workplace becomes an increasingly global community, people from non-native English speaking backgrounds are becoming a typical part of the workplace. While many non-native English speakers consider their accent a part of their identity, for many people it can be a barrier to effective communication, which in turn can affect their career. For native English speakers, learning to modify your speech to be better understood by the non-native English speakers on the other end of the conference call or in the meeting next to you is also an essential skill in today’s global workplace. 

If you feel that your accent may be getting in the way of effective professional communication, you may benefit from accent reduction services! A corporate speech-language pathologist can help you to pinpoint the sounds that are creating the biggest impact on your speech, and provide training to modify the way you produce these sounds. Corporate Speech Solutions offers a range of accent reduction services designed to help you speak more clearly in your business and personal life. As a result of our accent reduction training program, our clients have moved up the corporate ladder, landed new jobs, and increased business by improving their ability to communicate with others.

If you’re interested in accent reduction training, but aren’t prepared to commit to personalized accent reduction services, check out Corporate Speech Solutions upcoming event at the NY Public Library! On October 3 at 6pm, Corporate Speech Solutions’ President and Founder, Jayne Latz will offer a seminar on accent reduction skills. In this event you will learn:

  • To properly breathe in order to speak with greater presence and power
  • A proven technique to help you reduce the rate of your speech
  • The importance of clearly pronouncing the ends or your words in order to communicate your message in a clearer and more professional manner
  • The correct production of  /–ed/ used in past tense
  • Important telephone tips to positively impact your conversations

The event is free and no pre-registration is needed. Click here to learn more about this exciting program!

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