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How to Speak with an American Accent like an Expert

You may consider yourself an expert in the field, but is your American Accent and Communication Skills demonstrating the true professional abilities you would like them to? Poor english speaking habits can negatively impact your professional image, and convey a lack of confidence with mis-pronounced speech or bad amercian accent speaking habits. So how can you improve your professional American accent speaking skills and sound like the expert at communicating you are? Start by following and practicing these 3 speech improvement tips below which include:

  • PAmerican Englisg Accent Speakingower up Your Voice: Your breathing is the power behind your voice. Without proper breathing techniques, your voice will sound weak and strained. To produce a strong, authoritative vocal quality, breathe deeply from the center of your body, not your chest. Take a deep breath between sentences, especially when speaking in front of a group. Proper breathing techniques can greatly benefit the sounds of english pronunciations and speaking clarity.
  • Finish the ends of your words: Many people swallow the ends of their words as they speak which is bad and produces a muffled voice effect. In addition to making your english pronunciations and speech more difficult to understand, this can convey a lack of confidence and professionalism, making you seem inarticulate. Its best to always make sure to produce the amercian accent sounds at the end of each of your words through strong english pronunciation training techniques that speak loud and clear.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Pause: Pausing at appropriate points in your speech will help you speak at a relaxed pace, eliminate filler words like “um”, “uh” and “like”, and can help draw attention to important points of emphasis whihc determine the meanings of many american english words. Corporate Speech Solutions recommends our Strategic Marking System™ to help you and your team speak the Amercian Accent with clarity and confidence.

Want to learn more ways to improve your American Accent? Watch the following video from Corporate Speech Solutions President, Jayne Latz, and learn to speak like an expert!


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