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How to dance on your feet

Good Morning Jayne,

I was impressed and glad I took the opportunity to attend your presentation on Tuesday evening.
Your ability to draw out reactions from the rather subdued audience was exceptional. You kept them involved and inspired participation from an audience that you had evaluate on the run and expect the unexpected.  My attention was peaked because of your passion, excitement and expertise for the subject matter. You certainly know how to dance on your feet without being too radical. I am convinced that your market specific presentations would be well valued for each dollar invested with you.
I personally understand the benefits derived with proper speech techniques.
It is invaluable to secure attention and respect whether it be for public speaking, authoritative situations or selling opportunities. Thank you very much for your professionalism.

N. Hamlet

Attended New York State Society for CPA’s Presentation “Land the Job! How to Communicate with Power, Purpose and Confidence” on January 13, 2014