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Practice Tips: How to get the most out of your training

One of the biggest mistakes people make with communication training is failing to make time for practice. Simply learning techniques and strategies for better speech isn’t enough—your brain and body require regular systematic practice to truly integrate the techniques into your day-to-day speech. Without practice, you are likely to see excellent progress during formal training, but little improvement in your daily professional life.

Formal, systematic practice can certainly be useful. But integrating practice into your daily interactions can help your newfound skills become more natural and can be easier to fit into a busy schedule. Here are some ideas for integrating practice into your day-to-day life:

• Practice your skills whenever you order at a restaurant or coffee shop. Take the time when you are waiting or standing in line to decide on the speech skills you would like to focus on, then speak as clearly and concisely as possible to your server as you order.

• Take advantage of opportunities for public speaking in your personal and professional life. Whether it’s speaking at a PTA meeting, presenting your ideas in a meeting at work, or simply telling a story to a group of friends at a party, use each opportunity for public speaking as a chance to improve your skills. Afterwards, take stock of your performance and decide what you would like to improve on the next time around.

• Reading to your child can be an excellent opportunity for practice. Having the words written out in front of you means you can put your full attention on practicing your communication techniques. As an added bonus, using strategic pausing, vocal variety, and increased enunciation will help the story come alive for your little ones!

Want to learn more about the need for daily speech practice? Take a look at the following video from Corporate Speech Solutions founder and president Jayne Latz:

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