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Effective Techniques to Deliver Your Message with Greater Impact

Speak for Success!Do you have a tendency to speak quickly? If you’re like most people, you tend to speed up your speech when nervous or excited. Unfortunately, in business, those moments when you may be nervous (for example, when giving a presentation, or negotiating with clients) are when it’s the most important to speak with clarity and confidence.

Speaking too quickly can be a major problem in communication. Not only does it make your words more difficult to understand, but also you are much more likely to lose your listeners along the way. Your audience needs time to absorb your message, not only hear your words. To this end, speaking at a relaxed, easy pace can help your listener truly understand what it is you have to say, and your message will have greater impact and influence.

In our Talking Business workbook series, we introduce Corporate Speech Solutions’ Strategic Marking System™, a way to insert pauses in your speech that helps to reduce your rate and maximize the impact of your message. The Strategic Marking System™ is based on the principle that not all pauses are created equal; different moments in speech call for pauses of varying duration. The Strategic Marking System™ allows you to consider which pause is right for a given moment in your speech, whether it is to highlight an important point, give your audience time to respond, or break up different ideas.

Putting calculated thought into how you pause while speaking may seem awkward at first, but with practice, using the Strategic Marking System™ will become second nature, and allow you to improve your communication with minimal effort.

Want to learn more? Take a look at the following video from Corporate Speech Solutions founder and president Jayne Latz:

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