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Use It or Lose It: Three Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Speech Skills

Practice your speech skills!One of the biggest challenges in improving your speech and communication skills is carryover. Many people put time and effort into developing their skills, but then don’t take the time to practice them outside of formal training. Formal, systematic practice is one way to maintain your skills: for example, using a guided workbook like our Talking Business workbook series to do formal exercises or listen to sound files designed to improve your speech. However, time is a luxury many business professionals don’t have. This makes finding ways to fit practice into your daily routine crucial. Here are some tips from Corporate Speech Solutions for practicing your communication skills on a daily basis:

1. Choose a specific time window each day when you will focus on a particular aspect of your speech, for example, a specific target sound, articulation, or slowing down your rate. Set up a daily alarm on your phone that will remind you when to begin, and for the next 30 minutes, pay special attention to your goal.

2. Take advantage of any opportunity in which you’re reading aloud. Reading is a great opportunity to practice–since you don’t have to come up with content, just read what’s in front of you, you can put your full energy into your speech. One great opportunity to practice is reading to your children. Not only is it an excellent opportunity to focus on your skills, but your children will love how the extra effort makes the story come to life!

3. Leave notes to yourself in places that you will come across them regularly to remind you to focus on your speech. A simple post-it note on your telephone that says, “Slow down!”, “Speak clearly”, or “Breathe!” can do wonders for helping you to integrate your goals into your day-to-day speech. You can also use your phone for this task, setting up periodic reminders that appear a couple of times a day.

Want to learn more? Click the link below to hear Corporate Speech Solutions’ founder and president, Jayne Latz, talk about ways to fit practice into your daily life:

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