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Are You Mispronouncing these American English Words?

Because English borrows words from a variety of language backgrounds, there’s no surefire way to tell how a word is pronounced just by looking at its spelling. This makes learning to speak American English without an accent particularly difficult. But there are some American English words that even native speakers mispronounce. Make sure your pronunciation is on target and your speech reflects your professional expertise. Get started by taking a look at these commonly mispronounced American English words:

  • cache:

WRONG: cash-ey       RIGHT: pronounced like cash                       

  • fiscal:

WRONG: pronounced like physical               RIGHT: fiss-kul (Two syllables only)

  • etcetera:

WRONG: eksetera      RIGHT: eTcetera (Don’t add an imaginary ‘x’)

  • liable:

WRONG: lible (rhymes with bible)    RIGHT: li-a-ble (Don’t forget that middle syllable! Libel is a term for legal defamation, while li-a-ble means to be responsible for something.)

  • niche:

WRONG: neetch        RIGHT: neesh

  • espresso

WRONG: ekspresso               RIGHT: esspresso (Like etcetera, there’s no ‘x’ sound!)

  • tenet:

WRONG: tenent         RIGHT: tenet (There’s only one ‘n’. Tenent is a completely different word.)

  • mischievous:

WRONG: mis-chee-vee-us     RIGHT: mis-che-vus (Don’t add an extra syllable.)


Mispronouncing words can make you seem uninformed and unprofessional. In addition to polishing your pronunciation, make sure to speak with clarity and confidence so your communication skills reflect your professional ability!

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