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Archive of month: September 2014

Choose the Best Communication Strategy with these Three Questions

The constant growth of technology has meant that we now have more options than ever for communicating in the workplace. Each of us has certain methods of communication that we’re most comfortable with. However, it’s important to remember that the type of communication you prefer may not necessarily be the best fit for the situation […]

Does your Body Language Inspire Trust?

Establishing trust is a key part of forging effective business relationships. Whether dealing with a client, colleague or competitor, no one wants to maintain a professional relationship with someone they feel is not trustworthy. As we discussed last week, body language can play a significant part in whether or not you are perceived as someone […]

Two Ways your Body Language Can Inspire Trust

Establishing a foundation of trust is a crucial part of professional relationship development. Whether you are networking with other business professionals, making contacts with potential clients, or simply strengthening relationships with colleagues, coming across as open and honest is essential. Of course, the first step to being perceived as being honest and trustworthy is actually […]

Carry Yourself Like a Professional!

Developing strong professional communication skills requires learning to express yourself in a clear, confident, and articulate manner. However, there are many other non-verbal factors that contribute to projecting a professional, confident image. One of the most basic, but often neglected of these is posture.