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Carry Yourself Like a Professional!

Communication is critical to professional success!Developing strong professional communication skills requires learning to express yourself in a clear, confident, and articulate manner. However, there are many other non-verbal factors that contribute to projecting a professional, confident image. One of the most basic, but often neglected of these is posture.

Your posture has a significant effect on the way people view you. Strong posture projects confidence and professionalism and can significantly affect the way your message is received, whether you’re trying gain a new client or negotiate for a raise. The first rule of strong posture is one that you’ve likely been hearing since you were a child: Stand up straight! Although this is one of the simplest rules of strong posture, it is nonetheless constantly overlooked. To make sure that you’re standing as straight as you should be, envision a string running from your tailbone up through your spine and out the top of your head. Now, imagine that someone above you is lightly tugging on that string, pulling your body upright. This type of strong, straight-backed stance creates  a commanding presence and help demonstrates confidence in your message.

Good posture also requires a proper stance. Make sure that your weight is distributed evenly between your feet, and that your feet are planted firmly on the ground. Shifting your weight back and forth or leaning can give the impression that you are unsure of yourself or uncomfortable. A firm, strong, physical stance leads others to believe that you are firm in your intellectual and professional stance as well, and gives the impression that you are confident and a natural leader.

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